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Top Recommended Health Products

These pharmacist-recommended over-the-counter products will make your next trip to the drugstore easier.

Cough, Cold and Allergy

Battling allergy, flu or cold symptoms? See these products that pharmacists recommend most often for cough, cold and allergies. Read More »

Diabetes Health

People with diabetes have a lot to keep track of. Do these cough drops contain sugar? How do I manage pain from nerve damage? Am I missing any key nutrients? Read More »


Sometimes, it’s a thermometer you need, or a test to see if you’re pregnant. Read More »

Ear, Eyes, Nose and Throat

Medical issues involving your ears, eyes, nose or throat are hard to ignore. These products can help. Read More »

First Aid

When you sustain a cut, scrape, or sunburn, which first-aid products do you reach for? Read More »

Oral Care

Want to brighten your smile or dull mouth pain? There’s a product for that. Lots, in fact. Read More »

Pain and Inflammation

“No pain, no gain” does not apply to your health. Pharmacists recommend the products most often for pain and inflammation. Read More »


These are the products pharmacists recommend when your child needs relief from cough, diaper rash, teething pain and more. Read More »

Stomach and GI

Heartburn? Gas? Nausea? No thanks. Here are the top pharmacist recommended products for stomach and GI issues. Read More »


Over-the-counter topical products include treatments for acne, warts, dandruff, athlete’s foot and more. Read More »

Vitamins and Supplements

People often choose to augment their diet with vitamins and supplements. Read More »

Women's Health

These products include menstrual pain relievers, vaginal antifungals and more. Read More »

More Health Products

Here are the categories of health products that treat a number of ailments – from leg cramps to motion sickness. Read More »