Topical Antibiotics/ Antiseptics

Building your first aid kit? Don't forget topical antibiotic/antiseptics. Perfect for small wounds like cuts and scrapes, these products prevent infection and may keep adhesive bandages from sticking to the affected area. Some can also moisturize wounds, helping to speed up the healing process. Also consider including a burn treatment to your kit.

Product Name Percent of Pharmacists' Votes
Neosporin 73.0%
Polysporin 10.0%
Bacitraycin 8.0%
Hibiclens 5.0%
Betadine 2.0%
Bactine 1.0%
Campho-Phenique 1.0%

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Thermal Relief Products

Do your muscles ache? Taking a hot bath or relaxing in a Jacuzzi may be ideal, but it's not always practical. The same principle of heat therapy for aches and pains is available over-the-counter in thermal relief products. These treatments can help soothe and loosen muscles and are usually available in cream or patch form. Also see topical analgesics.

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