Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is marked by inflamed joints, due to a breakdown in the cartilage that helps them move smoothly. Strengthening the muscles around the affected joints may help relieve discomfort. In addition, over-the-counter products, like those listed below, are designed to help ease pain. Also see oral anti-inflammatory products and thermal relief products.

Percentage of Pharmacists' Votes

Aleve 34%
Tylenol Arthritis Pain 26%
Advil 21%
Motrin 15%
Osteo Bi-Flex 3%
Boiron Arinicare Arthritis 1%

Please consult your doctor or pharmacist for specific guidance on health products that may be appropriate for you. While U.S. News lists the results of the pharmacist survey, U.S. News does not recommend or endorse any health products listed here. Please see Disclaimer and a Note About Your Health. Read about the pharmacist survey here.

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