Diaper Rash Products

Ouch! Diaper rash is a common infant problem and can make a baby's skin chafe, flake, and become sensitive. Applying one of the products below directly to the baby's bottom helps to prevent friction between skin and diaper and to provide a moisture barrier, allowing the rash to heal more quickly. The best preventive is to keep the area clean and dry. Other items for babies include infant formulas and teething products.

Product Name Percent of Pharmacists' Votes
Desitin 29.0%
A+D Original Ointment 27.0%
Boudreaux's Butt Paste 14.0%
Triple Paste 10.0%
Balmex 10.0%
Calmoseptine 5.0%
Other 3.0%
Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment 2.0%

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Teething Products

Is your baby gnawing on toys and biting at his fingers? He may be teething—an exciting step in development, but one that's sometimes painful, too, as his first teeth are emerging. Check with your pediatrician to see if she advises teething products, usually in gel or tablet form, which may relieve oral discomfort. Or, try giving your baby a chilled wash cloth to chew on. Also see homeopathic teething products.

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