Calcium Supplements

Calcium is a mineral with many important jobs in the body. It helps maintain the health of blood vessels, muscles, and the nervous system, and it strengthens bones and teeth. In fact, 99 percent of the body's calcium is stored in bones and teeth. Strong bones are important, especially for growing kids and older people, who may be more vulnerable to fractures. Also see bone/joint strengtheners.

Product Name Percent of Pharmacists' Votes
Citracal 41.0%
Caltrate 22.0%
Os-Cal 20.0%
Tums 7.0%
Nature Made 4.0%
Viactiv 2.0%
Nature's Bounty 1.0%
Other 1.0%

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Multivitamin products can vary greatly in terms of which nutrients they contain and their amounts. Many Americans take multivitamins for various reasons—from wanting to round out their diet to possibly preventing chronic diseases. Exercising, eating a balanced diet, getting regular check-ups, and not smoking will also help keep you healthy. Also see children's multivitamins.

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Bone/ Joint Strengtheners

Did you know that bone density is typically highest between ages 25 and 35, then decreases after that? Maintaining healthy bones and joints—where two bones come together—is important throughout life. Eating a balanced diet with calcium-rich foods, such as cheeses, leafy green vegetables, and low-fat milk, may help prevent bone loss. Some over-the-counter products help joints function smoothly, typically with natural ingredients that can help strengthen cartilage. Also see calcium supplements.

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