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Below are categories of health products that treat a number of ailments—from leg cramps to motion sickness. Click on a product category link to see which products pharmacists recommend most often. Learn more about our Top Recommended Health Products

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Leg Cramp Relief

Leg cramps can happen at any time, but they occur more commonly at night. Older people and pregnant women are more at risk for these involuntary contractions, which usually happen in calves and sometimes in thighs. Drinking plenty of fluids and stretching your legs before bedtime may help prevent cramps, and some products may relieve associated pain. Also see thermal relief products.

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Motion Sickness Remedies

Do trips via planes, trains, automobiles, and boats usually spell trouble for you? Motion sickness can begin with uneasiness and quickly progress to a cold sweat, dizziness, and vomiting. Over-the-counter products may help prevent symptoms, but many also cause drowsiness. When feeling queasy, try focusing on the horizon or a distant, stationary object. Check out nausea remedies. Also, don't read, smoke, or sit near smokers. See smoking cessation aids.

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Sleep Aids

Are you getting 7 to 8 hours of shut-eye each night? Consistent, quality sleep is essential for your health, but millions of Americans don't get enough of it, due to active lifestyles or medical conditions that prevent them from getting uninterrupted and restful sleep. A doctor may recommend taking an over-the-counter product that induces drowsiness, but regular exercise and avoiding caffeine and nicotine may also help you get enough rest. See smoking cessation aids.

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Smoking Cessation Aids

Cancer, lung disease, heart disease, stroke, cataracts—despite the long list of reasons not to smoke, many people find it tough to quit. Over-the-counter smoking cessation aids are usually designed to help wean you off nicotine. Your healthcare professional can give you guidance on how to kick the habit, whether it's by going "cold turkey," or through counseling, medications, or a combination.

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Snore Aids

Snoring is a common condition. It's caused by tissues at the top of your airway striking each other and vibrating. Men, people who are overweight, and those who sleep on their backs are more likely to snore. Some products help to open up the airways during sleep. Also see nasal strips.

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