6 People Signed Up for Health Insurance on Day 1 of Federal Website: Memo

By the end of the second day, 248 people had enrolled for coverage, reports say

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Along with the website foul-up, many committee members grilled the secretary on another issue: recent cancellations of individual health insurance policies.

Recalling President Barack Obama's oft-repeated promise to Americans that "if you like your health plan, you can keep it," Republican members told stories of constituents receiving cancellation notices from their insurers.

"We know that in the individual market, a number of the plans being sold are not 'grandfathered' and are not currently meeting the (health reform) law," Sebelius acknowledged.

Historically, people with individual insurance policies could be "locked out, priced out, dumped out" of their coverage. But new protections under the Affordable Care Act will prevent such abuses, she said.

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