Gel May Offer Simple Treatment for Newborns With Low Blood Sugar

However, U.S. experts say inexpensive medication is promising but needs more research

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Schanler said his biggest concern with not sending a baby with sustained hypoglycemia to the NICU is that it might be harder to quickly identify a baby with an underlying abnormality or illness.

"On the one hand it seems like a great, inexpensive idea, but it would have to be adopted with caution and additional training of personnel," Schanler said.

"This is something to be thoughtful about," Montefiore's Campbell noted, "but it definitely needs more study. But, if you can find something that works as well as IV glucose for kids who are otherwise healthy and born over 35 weeks' gestation, it could save a lot of money," she added.

"But, dextrose gel doesn't work for every baby. We would need to dissect the findings of this and other studies to find out which babies would benefit most," Campbell said.

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