Toddlers Can Die From Swallowing Parents' Drug Detox Meds

Buprenorphine responsible for 2,380 poison cases, 4 deaths in less than 3 years, study found

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He'd like to see a change in the way these types of medications are packaged. "For medications where one dose can be life-threatening to a child, the default packaging should be single-dose child-resistant packaging," Lavonas said. "Though, of course, there need to be provisions for older people with arthritis. But, right now, we're not doing everything we can to prevent exposure to medications where one dose can kill."

Both experts recommended leaving medications in their original child-resistant containers, and storing them up and out of sight of children. Lavonas also recommended checking the floors when you visit someone who takes medications, or even when staying in a hotel. He said it's easy for someone to drop a pill, especially small ones, and not even realize it. But, a small child who's crawling around on the floor might find it.

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