Childhood Obesity Rates Drop Slightly: CDC

U.S. government report finds good news in a critical fight

Obesity rates among low-income preschoolers declined by at least 1 percent in 19 states in recent years, according to the CDC.
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"These signs of progress tell a clear story: we can reverse the childhood obesity epidemic. It isn't some kind of unstoppable force," said Marks. "Any community or state that makes healthy changes can achieve success. However, no single change is powerful enough by itself. It has taken a sustained, comprehensive approach in the places that have succeeded."

Dr. David Katz, director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center, said that "news about obesity has been far too grim for far too long."

"Over recent years, there has been, at last, some glimmers of hope, indications that rates of obesity are plateauing or even dipping slightly for some of the people, in some places," he said.

"But of course, there is that other half of the glass," Katz added.

"Obesity rates did not decline in the other 24 states in the analysis, despite widespread awareness of the problem and increasing efforts to address it. And we also know that rates of severe obesity continue to rise, suggesting that measures of our success may need to address not just how many are overweight, but how overweight are the many," he said.

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