Did Monogamy Arise to Protect Babies From Unrelated Males?

Study suggests that couples began sticking together to help keep infants from being killed

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"The other thing," she added, "is that if human males were highly infanticidal, you would expect there would still be some remnant of that drive in human males today. But while human males are perhaps not as captivated by babies as females, they're not particularly infanticidal."

Salmon said, however, that men do seem to have "remnant" drives that predispose them to promiscuity.

"Men can ... be most successful reproductively by having sex with as many women as possible," she said. "Of course, many guys entertain sexual thoughts that they don't act upon. But many do, as we can see with the case of Anthony Weiner in New York. That's a remnant that is plain to see."

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