BPA Exposure Tied to Undescended Testicles in Boys

Early study doesn't prove that common chemical causes the condition, experts say

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Swan also said the study does not make a clear link between BPA and undescended testicles, since BPA levels appeared consistent in all the newborns regardless of whether they had the birth defect.

"That said, you have to [ask], What is INSL3 related to?" she added. "It is definitely related to descent of the testicles, and required for descent of the testicles."

Trasande said the study "certainly raises another set of health concerns that haven't been raised before about BPA exposure."

"While research is needed to study exposure to BPA during pregnancy and risk of birth defects to confirm this association, it also adds further concern about the ongoing decision by the Food and Drug Administration not to ban BPA in food uses," Trasande said.

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To learn more about BPA, visit the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

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