Health Highlights: Feb. 13, 2013

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Alleman, who worked security at a construction site, could often be found many days standing outside the restaurant's doors, urging passersby to eat there, the Sun said.

While not on the Heart Attack Grill's payroll, Alleman became such a fixture that his "Patient John" caricature is on the menu and restaurant merchandise.

Alleman isn't the first patron to suffer heart trouble after eating at the high-calorie restaurant. In 2012 a man had what was believed to be a heart attack while eating a Triple Bypass Burger, and two months later a woman had a similar health crisis while eating a Double Bypass Burger, the Sun said.

Basso called Alleman's death a "wake-up call" but said it wouldn't alter the restaurant's menu. "(Alleman's death) isn't going to stop us from what we're doing. People have got to live their lives," he told the Sun.

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