All That Txtng May B Hrtng Kids' Grammar

Parents can set good example by avoiding shorthand like 'ur' and '2' in own text messages, expert says

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"As the authors note, the causal link between texting and grammar can't be established in this study because it could be that tweens with poorer grammar skills are already using more adaptations in their texts," he said. "However, I would not be at all surprised if texting did influence grammar skills."

"[But] it's important to remember," Gosling added, "that language is always changing and always has been, driven in part by developments in technology and cultural changes society at large."

"Just as the unnecessary 'u' in British spellings of words like 'behaviour' was dropped in American usage ... it's quite likely that some of these texting conventions will eventually filter through to everyday language too," Gosling said. "The pervasiveness of social technologies like phones and Facebook -- and the rapid transfer of new conventions that they permit -- means the rate of change is increasing."

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