Study Might Explain Brain Overgrowth Seen in Autism

Abnormalities found in DNA, RNA that regulate brain cell growth

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"What's valuable about the approach this group has taken is that they've gone directly to the tissue of interest, and have asked, 'Is there any evidence there are abnormalities in the expression of genes that correlate with the neuro-anatomic or cellular findings that have been reported?'" Ring said.

"What they're reporting is there is indeed some evidence that particular pathways might be disregulated in the autistic brain vs. the control brain, and some of these pathways, when you look at their function, may be a plausible explanation for the increased growth and increased cell number."

The study, Ring added, offers up new clues for researchers to pursue, but nothing is proven. "There is an enormous amount of work needed to confirm this," he said.

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