Study Links Colic in Infants to Migraines in Moms

Mothers with chronic headache condition more than twice as likely to have babies who cry excessively

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"Turning down loud music, going to a quiet room and decreasing stimulation might help," Gelfand said. She also suggested moms and dads keep a "crying diary" to track when colic flare-ups tend to occur and anything that seems to calm the baby.

Saper said the new research offers another clue into the evolution of migraine in an individual. "We are now able to say this child may be on a pathway."

The next research step will be to follow the babies over the years, said Gelfand.

"Right now we're using the mothers' migraines, but what we really want to know is do these babies themselves go on to have migraine," she said.

The data and conclusions of this research should be viewed as preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal.

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