World's Oldest People

What’s the secret to a long life? Ask these 10 ‘supercentenarians’


Honorable Mention: Cubana Juana Bautista de la Candelaria Rodríguez (Born Feb. 2, 1885?)

Relatives of Cubana Juana Bautista de la Candelaria Rodríguez cried foul when Besse Cooper was named the world's oldest living person: Bautista claims that she was born in 1885, which would make her 127 years old as of February 2012. However, the GRG has its doubts about Bautista's proof. While her Cuban identification papers state that Bautista was born in 1885, Robert Young, senior claims investigator for GRG, told Fox News Latino in 2011 that the documents appear to be from the 1950s and that her birth year is more likely 1915. Young also questions Bautista's physical capabilities, primarily her ability to stand and walk with assistance. Young says there's no way Bautista would be able to walk around if she were as old as she claims.

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