Diet Success Stories: Dieters Reveal How They Hit Their Target Body Weight

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Beth Klein

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(Avijit Gupta/USN&WR)

“I was always a little bigger than the other kids,” says 29-year-old Beth Klein, recounting a lifelong struggle with weight. She grew even heavier in college than she was in high school, but it wasn’t until 2008, when a doctor directly asked about her weight, that she decided to get healthy. Klein quit smoking, started exercising and tackled her diet with the help of Weight Watchers and a sense of optimism. “It sounds corny, but to switch your thinking to what you can add to your diet and what you can add to your life, rather than what you can’t have, leaves less room for the bad stuff,” says Klein, who has lost 90 pounds.

Watch Beth describe her weight-loss journey.

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