7 Kitchen Items You Need to Replace to Protect Your Health

From cancer to stomach bugs, some kitchen staples can make you sick.

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Nonstick pan

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Nonstick pans are great for cooking eggs, but be careful how you use them – heating nonstick pans higher than 500 degrees Fahrenheit can release toxic fumes that, while not deadly, can make you sick. And while 500 degrees is hotter than you will typically heat cookware, scratched and damaged pans will release these colorless, odorless fumes at a lower temperature. So if your nonstick pan is scratched, toss it and get a new one. “Newer pans produce much lower levels of these fumes,” says Albert Levy, an assistant clinical professor of medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. “If you have a nonstick pan produced before 2010, replace it.”

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