How to Keep Your Voice on Super Bowl Sunday

You’re just trying to support your team. But that screaming could come at a cost.

Football fans cheering
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• Create different types of noise. Your voice isn't the only way to show your enthusiasm. "I recommend you carry your own noisemaker – instead of being your own noisemaker," Buckmire says. "If you want to make a loud noise, an airhorn or something might be the way to go. Their neighbors might not appreciate it, but their voice will." Or learn to whistle loudly, he suggests. That way, you're taking your voice box out of the equation altogether. Clapping or jumping up and down wildly will also do the trick.

• Rest your voice. During halftime or timeouts, when you really don't need to talk, don't. Since stadiums and viewing parties are typically noisy environments, you'll end up speaking in an unusually loud voice, which will strain your voice further.

• See a doctor. If your voice doesn't return to normal after a few days, see an otolaryngologist – an ear, nose and throat doctor. ENT physicians are trained to diagnose and manage diseases of the sinuses, voice box, mouth and throat, as well as the neck and face.

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