Experts' Guide to the Paleo Diet

A U.S. News Twitter chat covered Paleo diet basics – and then some.

Twitter Chat -- Paleo chat
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Perhaps no diet is as popular as the Paleo diet right now. The plan that's based on ancient tenets – and also known as the Stone Age or Caveman Diet – is no doubt in the midst of a grand revival. During a #PaleoChat, U.S. News Health & Wellness teamed with an array of Paleo experts, including Loren Cordain, widely considered the diet's founder and lead advocate. The experts talked going Paleo on a budget, what kind of health and weight loss benefits you can expect, and how exercise factors in – while also sharing meal and snack ideas. The chat comes ahead of U.S. News' Best Diets 2014, released Jan. 7, which will provide a thorough profile of the Paleo diet and updated rankings. Here are #PaleoChat highlights: