Tony Horton: Why I'm Excited About My New P90X3 Workout

P90X3, released today, requires just 30 minutes a day. So much for excuses, Horton says.

Tony Horton

We've also got a lean version for people who want to focus on their legs and really work their core, who are more interested in burning calories than building muscles.

And then for folks who have done a couple of these versions – often athletes – we have doubles. If you're doing a double, all you're doing is an hour's worth of workouts; maybe a half-hour in the morning, and half an hour later in the day.

What role does proper nutrition play in P90X3?

There's always a diet component. I wanted people to eat like I eat – I eat Paleolithic meals, I eat raw meals and I eat vegan and vegetarian meals. We're trying to tell people to stop treating their diet plan like a religion and be open to eating as many healthy, whole foods as they possibly can. We show you what to eat, what's healthy and how to make healthy food taste good. I've always said that food equals health, and exercise equals fitness, and those two things really have to happen 50-50 to get maximum results.

Do your infamous donkey kicks make an appearance in the new program?

Donkey kicks are in there, man. But there are modifiers; you don't have to do a handstand like I do every time. It's a skill movement, and once you learn how to do it – when the body knows how to do a donkey kick, a body looks very different than it did before, when it didn't know how. Same thing with MMA, and same thing with Pilates. Always introduce new, foreign movements to human bodies so the body changes and grows. People will say, "Oh, I love to run." And I said, "Do you have the body you want?" Well, no. The minute you're willing to understand how important it is to work on your weaknesses as much as your strengths – and P90X will do that – you'll be blown away by what you look like after 90 days.

What words of encouragement do you have for someone who's never tried P90X before?

Just be patient those first 30 days. Don't think about the 90, don't think about the 60 – don't even think about 37 days. Just get through those first 30 days. Don't be attached to the outcome, and be OK with the fact that you're not going to be great at a lot of these movements. Your only job is to show up, do your best, forget the rest and come day 30, you're going to have built momentum.

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