U.S. News Twitter Chat: a Paleo Diet Primer

What are the benefits of the Paleo Diet? The risks? How can you follow the plan on a budget?

Twitter Chat -- Paleo chat

On Dec. 18, U.S. News will host a Twitter chat on the Paleo Diet – a plan that calls for us to eat the way we ate when we were hunting and gathering, with lots of animal protein and plants. We'll discuss a range of topics, including how to get started on the Paleo Diet, what the research says, how exercise factors in and how to follow the plan on a budget. Here's what you need to know.

Who: U.S. News Health will join leading experts, including: Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Chris Kresser, Robb Wolf, Loren Cordain and Nora Gedgaudas.

What: A live Twitter chat on the Paleo Diet. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #PaleoChat.

Where: http://tweetchat.com/room/PaleoChat

When: Wednesday, Dec. 18 at 2 p.m. EST.

Why: Perhaps no diet is as popular, as omnipresent, as the Paleo Diet is right now. The plan that's based on ancient tenets – and also known as the Stone Age or Caveman Diet – is no doubt in the midst of a grand revival. That's why U.S. News is teaming with leading experts to explore topics like: What exactly counts as the Paleo Diet? What can we learn from our ancestors about following a traditional diet? Does this plan help protect against common diseases? Won't buying all that meat cost a fortune?