How Adrian Peterson Copes With Severe Food Allergies

The NFL’s MVP had an anaphylactic reaction to seafood last summer.

Adrian Peterson
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Are there common myths about anaphylaxis and food allergies that you'd like to bust?

One of them is that only kids are at risk for allergic reactions, and that's not the case. Look at me. Here I am, experiencing it for the first time at 27. Another misconception is that it makes you weak. Not true. I'm a professional athlete, and I'm doing just fine. I haven't experienced any type of weakness at all.

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Does your allergy interfere with your life on a day-to-day basis?

I feel pretty good about it, but then again, you still have to be prepared. Now I don't eat seafood, and I stay away from my triggers, which is hard because like I said, it's my favorite food I've eaten in my entire life. Now I have to adjust to that, but it's worth adjusting. Trust me, after that experience, I don't want it to ever happen again. You always want to keep your eyes open and have your action plan in place, because you never know. I still eat peanuts, and there are a lot of people allergic to them, so you never know what else you could be allergic to.

So, have you found a new favorite meal to replace seafood with yet?

Laughs. Not yet, I haven't, to be honest. I'm still searching for something to take over for my loss of the seafood – I haven't found any food yet that can fill that missing piece.