How to Have Healthy Holidays

U.S. News Health teamed with Julieanna Hever and Dreena Burton to host a #HealthyHolidays chat.

Twitter chat Healthy Holidays

If there was any doubt in your mind, let it be known: You can impress at Thanksgiving dinner – while ditching the bird. And not only is a full plant-based menu possible, but it's as tasty as it is good for you. During a Twitter chat on healthy holidays, U.S. News Health & Wellness teamed with registered dietitian Julieanna Hever and vegan cookbook author Dreena Burton. They also weighed in on how to avoid the extra few pounds that often creep on during the holidays, how to tell your host you eat a plant-based diet and how to fend off cravings when you're surrounded by eggnog and cookies. Here are the highlights: