Recap: U.S. News Twitter Chat on Sleep Health

A U.S. News Twitter chat focused on sleep disorders and the benefits of getting enough shuteye.


Snorting and gasping. An inability to breathe. Twitching your legs more than 500 times a night. For more than 50 to 70 million U.S. adults who have sleep or wakefulness disorders, these symptoms are a nightly reality. U.S. News Health & Wellness teamed with top experts from the National Institutes of Health's National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute; the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health; the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and Penn Medicine from the University of Pennsylvania to host a live #SleepHealth Twitter chat. In addition to discussing disorders such as sleep apnea and restless legs syndrome, topics included how much shuteye we each really need a night, and how sleep affects public safety. Here are the highlights: