What to do When Friends Become 'Needy'

How to navigate needy friendships.

How to navigate needy friendships
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And what about if you're on the receiving end of that conversation? What if you're the needy friend? And what if, as is often the case, you don't realize it?

Bonior suggests thinking about your friendships and asking yourself when the last time was that you called or texted a friend without an agenda except to ask about that person. You might also consider whether people seem happy to see you and make plans. "If nobody seems to ever confide in you, it could be that you don't make an environment conducive to do that ... that might mean that they don't feel comfortable talking with you, or you don't even give them a chance."

How do you fix the situation? You can always ask if that's the case and try to make it right. You might tell your friend that you think you may have been monopolizing your conversations and want to catch up on her life, Bonior advises.

Whether you're feeling overly needy or needed, remember to expand your circle of friends. If you're feeling burdened by a friend, your other friendships will fortify you with the patience to manage this one, Levine says. But in any case, don't expect one person – whether it's a romantic partner or a friendship – to singularly meet your emotional needs. "That's one of the important reasons why we need our friends," she says. "One friend might be a better listener than the other friend, so you need to kind of diversify your friendships." And if you sense a disconnect in your friendship, "perhaps think about whether there are other ways to get your needs met or to think about why you're so needy."

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