Video: A Water Aerobics How-To

You can jog in the pool, do planks, tread water and more. It’s good for you. Here’s why.

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Get cool ... and work out. How's that for multitasking in the summer sun?

Water aerobics are an ideal way to squeeze in some exercise, particularly for those who have joint issues, are overweight or don't like high-impact activities like running. In this video, personal trainer Jennipher Walters, co-founder of Fit Bottomed Girls, explains some popular ways to work out in the pool and shares tips on getting started. "There are so many benefits of aquatic exercise," she says. "You can actually be outside and stay cool, and it's fun. It's a great way to work out without any impact on your joints."

Tell us: Have you tried water aerobics? What's your favorite kind, and why?