The Do's and Don'ts of Ditching Your Hairdresser

How to cut it off and smooth things over with your stylist.


For starters, the hairdresser may not know you don't like what she or he is doing. Secondly, your feedback gives the stylist an opportunity to address your concerns. And that way, if the concerns aren't met, you've given notice. "It helps to have that heads up already, so it's not coming out of left field," Speyer says.

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5. Do consider your delivery.

"You don't have to do it in person," Speyer says. But you do have to do it with class. You are ending a relationship after all, albeit a business one.

Speyer recommends snail mailing your hairdresser a card that wishes her well. And if the relationship requires more than that, you might up the parting gift. For example, when Speyer was asked how to handle breaking up with a hairdresser someone had seen for 60 years, she suggested sending flowers.

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