Sherri Shepherd: How I Cope With Diabetes

Shepherd, a co-host on ABC’s “The View,” describes her diet and exercise routine in her new book.

Shepherd, a co-host on ABC’s “The View,” describes her diet and exercise routine in her new book

Sherri Shepherd

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How do you squeeze exercise into your daily routine?

I have to make my house a mini gym. If I'm doing laundry, I do lunges to the laundry room, and if my husband is cooking and I'm just sitting in the kitchen talking, I do push-ups against the counter top. When we go to the park with my son, we do side shuffles, lunges and races, and we climb up the monkey bars. If you look at him, he looks like he's having fun – and mommy looks like she's about to pass out.

I also jump rope. Try it for 60 seconds straight, and you'll feel like your heart is about to come out of your chest. It's a great form of cardio. There's always a jump rope in my suitcase when I travel because it's something you can do anywhere.

And I've learned other ways to incorporate exercise into my life. Like, not everyone can do "Dancing with the Stars," but you can turn on salsa music and dance with your partner, or husband or child. I dance with Sal and pretend he's this hunky Russian man.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck loves exercising, and she told me that it releases endorphins. I thought she said it releases orgasms, so to this day I'm searching. I'm on the dang elliptical searching for that orgasm. It has not happened yet.

What are your parting words of wisdom for others?

If you have diabetes, it's not a death sentence. And if you're prediabetic, don't sit in the dark and try to ignore it. So many people are paralyzed with fear, but knowledge is power. Once you know, then you can take charge and make slight changes to your diet, and add in some exercise. My book is fun because I like to laugh. I don't like a lot of medical jargon. You can laugh at my journey and all the crazy things I do, like going in the garbage and eating food – and I've done that. After I've thrown coffee grinds it, and at 2 a.m., when that Oreo cookie is calling my name. It's OK. You've got to be forgiving. Don't be paralyzed, and you can live an amazing life.

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