Why Women Get Diabetes During Pregnancy

Women with gestational diabetes can still have healthy babies.

Women with gestational diabetes can still have healthy babies
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Staying Healthy

Although it may seem overwhelming and challenging, the majority of women with gestational diabetes are able to successfully control their blood glucose levels and have healthy babies without any complications if they receive proper treatment and routine monitoring. After delivery, most women with gestational diabetes have normal blood glucose levels and no longer require treatment.

The American Diabetes Association recommends that women who are diagnosed with gestational diabetes be screened for diabetes six to 12 weeks after giving birth. In addition, it's recommended that women with a history of gestational diabetes receive routine screening for the development of diabetes or prediabetes at least every three years. Remember the importance of adhering to your therapy if you have gestational diabetes, so you and your baby can enjoy healthy lives.

Note: This article was originally published Oct. 5, 2012 on PharmacyTimes.com. It has been edited and republished by U.S. News.