Toilets With Sex Appeal

High-end toilets: the next frontier of bathroom bliss?


The Neorest 550H from TOTO USA.


But letting the toilet do the work for you is more environmentally friendly, feels cleaner and can be a boon for those with accessibility issues or ailments like hemorrhoids, he says.

In an age when an empowered consumer seeks a range of controlled and customized experiences—from news and Facebook feeds to frozen yogurt toppings—a toilet that lets users adjust water pressure and seat heat may not be so surprising after all.

What is, however, is Kohler's effort to make the Numi downright sexy. The product's website features a hipster couple on the edge of a windowed loft overlooking a city (possibly Los Angeles) and seemingly of their own interlude. Pictured behind them is the Numi toilet, alone and on display in the corner, as if someone would use it in the living room and without a hint of irony. TOTO uses a similar strategy with its marketing material, pictured above.

Even if such toilets become the way to go, pun intended, people are people. Eons of fart jokes and classic comedies have provided relief about relief to generations of humans about being human. We may or may not love our potty, but potty humor? That's unlikely to escape us.

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