How to Shop For Clothes When You're Losing Weight

Stylist to the stars David Zyla shares his advice on the most slimming cuts and what to ditch.

David Zyla

Dress that bump the right way. Your weight is changing because a baby's on the way? Invest in some tank tops pronto, Zyla says. "All of a sudden, you're more ample, and maternity tanks help save that blouse for a little longer—and make it appropriate to wear outside the night club," he says. Make sure you have a belly band, too, and a pair of flats, since they'll fit you throughout your pregnancy and will stretch if your feet swell. It's also a smart time to treat yourself to handbags and other accessories. "The clothes in your wardrobe right now are short-term friends," Zyla says. "They're going to last a trimester and then they're done."

Men, think knits. If you're wearing dark jeans and a blazer, and you've recently dropped 20 or 30 pounds, your outfit is going to hang on you. All of a sudden, it'll look like you're wearing your "dad's jacket," Zyla says. Knits tend to provide a better fit. He also recommends "tab trousers," which have small buckles on the side—giving you about an inch-and-a-half leeway without needing to alter your pants.

Clean out your closet. When you hit your goal weight, head into the closet, turn on your favorite music and make sure it's a distraction-free zone. You're in for a style check-up. "Whenever we're in transition, it's a great time to see what our clothes say. Are they you? Who does that closet belong to?" Zyla says. Your closet ought to reflect who you are. Maybe a friend suggested you buy that orange blouse, but it never felt right. Toss it. "This is the perfect time to make room for the things that make you feel absolutely fantastic. When you jump into the game again and go out shopping, you should do it in an educated way, because your body is different," he says.

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Don't deny yourself. A client recently called Zyla and told him she wanted to meet—but not until June. Why? She's in the process of losing weight. "It actually makes me sad, because we should all look the best version of ourselves no matter what weight we are," he says. "To get caught up in this idea that we only deserve to look good when we're at such and such a weight? I really don't feel that's correct."