4 Eye Health Myths: Debunked

Protect your vision and treat your eyes like your two best friends.

A large number of study participants said they considered people with brown eyes to be more trustworthy than those with blue eyes.

"I'll just wear these contact lenses until they start to hurt." Many contact wearers tend to "abuse" their lenses, Bajwa says, often by wearing them for too long. Chances are, when your doctor tells you to change your lenses, say, every 10 days, she's not simultaneously telling you in a code of winks and nods that she really means "every month or until they make your eyes red."

Your contact prescription is just that—a prescription, not advice. If your doctor wrote a prescription for you to take blood pressure medicine once a day, would you roll your eyes and take it only once a month, or when your heart started feeling funny? Hopefully not, so treat the optometrist with the same respect and replace contacts as often as she says. Depending on the contacts, that could be once a day, once a week, or longer. Bajwa says the daily disposable kind are "the simplest, healthiest option."

Consult your optometrist, too, on how you should be cleaning, storing, and handling your lenses.