Insanity Workout: Q&A With Creator Shaun T

What you need to know before trying this intense exercise routine.

Shaun T
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The first two weeks is when we see the highest percentage of quitting—it's when the most people stop the program. And it's because they are just totally exhausted. I suggest those people do that day's workout the best they can. For that day, they can just do the 10-minute warm-up at the beginning, and then the five-minute stretch. Fifteen minutes is better than nothing. And a lot of times, after they stretch they're like, "OK, I can actually finish this." Once your body gets warm and you get going, you're more likely to surprise yourself and complete the workout.

What's the best way to maintain the effects of Insanity once the program is complete?

When people finish, they've done a complete lifestyle change. Most people do it over again and again. They may do the 60 days of Insanity, take two weeks off with lower-key workouts, and then take some of their favorite workouts from the DVDs to keep Insanity in the mix.

Spring Break is around the corner, and we're curious: What are your favorite exercises for the beach?

I'd go to the beach in the mornings and do plank walks or crab walks in the sand. And have fun with it and play a game of beach volleyball.