ACA Roundup: Consumers Flood State Health Insurance Exchanges

A roundup of the latest news about Obamacare.


Millions of Poor Americans Will Go Without Health Insurance

According to a New York Times analysis of census data, two-thirds of poor blacks, two-thirds of single mothers and more than half of low-income workers may have to forego health insurance next year. Most of these citizens live in Republican-controlled states that have opted to not expand their Medicaid programs. That decision will leave more than 8 million poor Americans ineligible from receiving federal help to buy health insurance. "The irony is that these states that are rejecting Medicaid expansion -- many of them Southern -- are the very places where the concentration of poverty and lack of health insurance are the most acute," Dr. H. Jack Geiger, a founding member and past president of Physicians for Human Rights, explained.

Frequently Asked Questions About Obamacare

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