9 Top Cosmetic Treatments for Aging Skin

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4. Laser skin resurfacing

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(Courtesy Baumann Cosmetic & Research Institute)

Laser resurfacing uses high-intensity light to zap and improve the look of wrinkles and scars by tightening loose skin. The effect of your treatment and recovery time vary. "We have lasers that can be superficial or intermediate and deep," says Bahnan Guyuron, chairman of the department of plastic surgery at Case Western Reserve University, who has been researching cosmetic treatments for about 30 years. You may see redness from one day to two weeks, depending on how aggressive the treatment is, he says. The average cost of laser resurfacing was $2,669 in 2008, according to the AACS. The benefits of laser resurfacing usually last between two and five years; if you smoke or don't use sunscreen, it's likely to be on the shorter end of that spectrum, says Baumann.

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