12 Reasons to Really Quit Smoking

Never mind cancer or heart disease for a moment. Here are some nonobvious reasons to snub cigarettes.

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12. It's tied to lots of cancers! Not to belabor the point, but tobacco use and smoking have been linked to much more than lung cancer. In September, the CDC released a report estimating that more than 2 million cases of tobacco-related cancers were diagnosed nationwide between 1999 and 2004. Lung and bronchial cancer topped the list, naturally, but other types included stomach, pancreatic, kidney, urinary bladder, and cervical cancer. "We knew this was a big problem and a preventable problem," says Sherri Stewart, the epidemiologist at CDC who led the research. "But when you present the hard numbers, you start to see the profoundness of the problem." Her message: To protect your health, do everything you can to quit.

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