4 Areas Where Parents Can Help Teens Steer Clear of Trouble

Parenting plays a big role in thwarting driving accidents, STDs, mental health problems, and more.

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Whether such efforts will truly temper the statistics remains to be seen. All are "possible strategies," says Greenspan, but "none of these things have really been evaluated." A parent's best bet for keeping teens safe is to help enforce graduated driver licensing, she says. These state-regulated systems delay full licensure and restrict driving in high-risk situations, such as at night, while teens gain driving experience.

But for some parents, like Cope, that just isn't enough. Although she realizes that the camera may butt in on her teens' privacy from time to time, her kids are benefiting from the program. "It's made them more conscientious and more aware" on the road, she says. "[I] have peace now."

Three other areas where parents can help teens steer

clear of trouble:

  • Sexual Health
  • Mental Health
  • Sports Safety