Health Tip: Get a Safe Pedicure

Help keep your toes healthy

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(HealthDay News) -- Lots of people get pedicures in advance of the summer sandal season. But before you hit the salon, consider some safety do's and don'ts.

The American Podiatric Medical Association offers these suggestions to reduce the risk of infection or injury:

  • Schedule one of the first appointments in the morning when tubs are cleanest. Or make sure your technician disinfects the tub before your pedicure.
  • Bring your own pedicure tools. Use separate tools for pedicures and manicures to prevent contamination between toes and fingers.
  • Skip shaving your legs before the appointment to help prevent bacteria from entering the skin.
  • Have your feet scrubbed with a pumice stone, but never allow technicians to use a razor to remove dead skin.
  • Make sure toenails are cut straight across and smoothed with an emery board. The board should never be shared with anyone else.
  • Never allow your nails to be cleaned out with a sharp object that could puncture the skin; a blunt manicure stick is better.
  • Make sure toes are completely dry when you leave. Extra moisture can lead to fungal growth.
  • Never allow your cuticles to be cut, only pushed back.

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