Health Tip: Take Care of a Cast

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(HealthDay News) -- When a splint or cast is applied to help a broken bone heal, the cast itself requires some care.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons offers these suggestions:

  • Keep your cast dry. Use two layers of waterproof protection to cover it when you shower.
  • If you have a walking cast, give it plenty of time to dry and harden before you try to walk on it -- about an hour for a fiberglass cast and two to three days for plaster.
  • Avoid letting sand, dirt or powder get into your cast.
  • Don't pull out stuffing or break off edges of your cast, and inspect it regularly for weak spots or cracks.
  • Don't stick any objects, powders, or deodorants underneath your cast. Talk to your doctor if your cast is itchy and you feel a significant need to scratch.

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