Wish You Were Headed for the Olympics? How to Train for 9 Winter Sports


Whether it's the luge or skating that draws you to the TV, you can hone the same skills in the gym.

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(Jonathan Hayward/The Canadian Press/AP Photo)

It's easy to become a couch potato during the Winter Olympics. The weather is often cold, and if there's hot chocolate, central heating, and a good figure skating rivalry playing out on the tube indoors, why leave? Well, how about because you got some fitness inspiration? Even if you don't live near a speed skating oval or a bobsled run, the events you'll see being contested in Vancouver from February 12–28 can offer some guidance for your own workout. We talked to fitness pros to find out what skills and muscles are involved in nine Winter Olympic sports, then asked them for suggestions on how you can train accordingly in your own gym or community—even if you live where snow never falls. So pick your favorite Olympic athlete, get inspired, and have fun.

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