5 Fitness Gadgets: Miracle or Misleading?


ShaToBu ($50-$60)

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(Courtesy of Mayfair Tech Inc.)

It looks like an ordinary shaper, marketed to women who want a sleeker silhouette, but resistance bands in the fabric are claimed to make the muscles work harder and burn more calories over the course of the day. A University of Virginia study, funded by the manufacturer, found that women who wore a ShaToBu burned up to 12 percent more calories during two 15-minute treadmill sessions than they did without it. Realistically, that doesn't translate to more than 10 or 15 calories a day, except for those who spend much of their time in motion. "Don't fool yourself into thinking these products are boosting your energy expenditure," says Fernstrom. "You'll burn more calories, but not by much."

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