5 Fitness Gadgets: Miracle or Misleading?


An expert weighs in on the latest "wearable workouts"

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(Courtesy of fitnessUwear, llc.)

Weighted belts, sneakers, and jewelry, marketed as "wearable workouts" that aid in weight loss and tone muscles while you go about your business, are increasingly popular. But do they work? Are they worth the money?

"None of these products are truly necessary to get in shape," says Madelyn Fernstrom, founding director of the University of Pittsburgh Weight Management Center and a diet and nutrition expert at UPMC-University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. "You could ignore all these things, buy a good pair of walking shoes and a $20 pedometer, and you're all set. That being said, they're not all negative. If these products add perceived value to your workout—if they're the mental boost that's going to get you moving each day—they're worth every penny." For U.S. News, Fernstrom commented on some of the toning and calorie-burning wearable workouts on the market.

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