Health Buzz: Junk Food Diet Helped Nutrition Professor Shed Pounds

Plus, a look at what an ordinary day on a junk food diet entails.

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Nutrition Professor Sheds 27 Pounds on Junk Food Diet

Twinkies, Oreos, and Doritos—the new weight-loss diet? Well, a steady stream of junk food worked for Mark Haub, a Kansas State University nutrition professor who, after two months, shed a hefty 27 pounds, CNN reports. But he's not only slimmer. He reduced his body mass index from the overweight category to normal, his bad cholesterol decreased while the good increased, and his blood pressure is just fine. But Haub didn't embark on this eating plan to live out a childhood dream. He wanted to prove a simple point to his students: Any diet can produce weight loss—it's just a matter of consuming fewer calories than you burn, Haub told U.S. News's Hanna Dubansky in September. Haub went from ingesting 2,600 calories a day to 1,800. "If weight loss is the ultimate goal," he asked his students, "does it matter how I achieve it?" More than 80 percent of what he ate was prepackaged and coated in chocolate, supplemented only minimally by a daily multivitamin, a little whole milk, and a small serving of vegetables. (Whole grains, fruit, and dietary fiber were largely off limits.) "I'm losing weight and my cholesterol is improving by eating those foods," Haub told Dubansky. "Is it really soda and chips that are making people obese, or how much of them they eat?" Ultimately, Haub said he hopes his experiment will push his students to think about their diets and glean that "moderation and variety are key to nutrition."

In September, Haub also provided U.S. News with one of his daily junk food menus.

From: A Day in the Life of a Junk Food Dieter


1 double espresso, black

2 cups Kellogg's Corn Pops

1 cup whole milk

1 Centrum Advanced Formula multivitamin

Total calories: 376


1 Hostess Twinkie

1 Little Debbie Star Crunch

1 Muscle Milk Protein Shake

Total calories: 540


1 Hostess Twinkie

Total calories: 150


1 Little Debbie Zebra Cake

1 brownie (Duncan Hines mix)

3-4 baby carrots

1 Muscle Milk Protein Shake

Total calories: 688


6 chips, Cool Ranch Doritos

Total calories: 75

Total Calories: 1,829

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