Answers to Diabetes Quiz

Only 1 of the quiz's 5 statements is true.


Here are the answers to the quiz on diabetes and your diet.

1. False. Diabetics should closely monitor what they eat and keep track of—and work on lowering—their blood glucose levels.

2. True.

3. False. There are several dietary methods that can be used to help control blood glucose levels. The plate method, for example, involves planning a meal by drawing an imaginary line down your plate to separate food groups. Another option is a low-glycemic diet, which entails mainly eating foods like nuts, pasta, beans, peas, and lentils.

4. False. The reverse is true. Type 1 diabetics do not produce the hormone insulin, while type 2 diabetics produce some insulin, but it's either not enough or the cells ignore the hormone.

5. False. Diabetics should limit carbohydrate intake but do not need to avoid carb-heavy foods altogether.

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