Introducing the Best Hospitals Dashboard

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The release of the 2014-15 Best Hospitals rankings in July will mark the 25th year that U.S. News has helped guide patients and their families to high-quality hospital care when they need it most. From profiles of 57 medical centers in 1990 to in-depth details on some 6,000 hospitals currently online, U.S. News has improved and expanded the information freely available to patients, families and providers alike.

The sheer volume of data and the need to keep it as up to date as possible pose a challenge, however. Consider that an average of more than 250 hospitals a year shut down or merged with another hospital between 2003 and 2012.

U.S. News tracks these changes, as well as bed count, staff, services and other data, in large measure with the help of the American Hospital Association. Each hospital’s data is viewable on its Stats & Services page, such as this one for University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Now we want to give hospitals the opportunity to communicate directly with U.S. News through a single convenient channel – a website that will make it easy for hospitals to provide updates and ask questions. At the same time, U.S. News will be able to offer faster and more efficient feedback.

Enter the U.S. News Best Hospitals Dashboard.

The Dashboard, which will launch today, is a website designed for hospital professionals. Using the Dashboard, they will be able to offer updates to currently posted data. All submissions will be carefully vetted before being posted. But the Dashboard’s utility in other ways will quickly be evident. Among other things, users will be able to:

  • Update contact information, such as name, address and phone,
  • Submit photos for possible use on,
  • Read and download the complete reports on the Best Hospitals and Best Children’s Hospitals methodologies,
  • Read related articles and Second Opinion posts from the health data editors,
  • Preview coming rankings under embargo.

We will add fields over time as Best Hospitals continues to evolve. We invite suggestions from hospital professionals for additional content and operational capabilities.  

The Best Hospitals Dashboard will enable the most accurate view possible of any hospital to the patients who visit in search of good care. If you are responsible for managing a hospital’s online presence, you can request a Dashboard account at