Further Correction, Best Children's Hospitals 2012-13

A programming error involving dialysis-related infections affected rankings in Nephrology.


In this column on June 14, we called attention to programming errors that required corrections to the Best Children's Hospitals 2012-13 rankings. We subsequently learned from our contractor about an additional error that affected the rankings of hospitals in Nephrology. Correcting the error changed 31 hospitals' Nephrology rankings. No hospitals left or entered the rankings as a result of the correction. The Honor Roll was unaffected.

The error involved a measure evaluating hospitals' success in preventing infections associated with dialysis. Some hospitals should have received partial credit and did not.

The corrected rankings are now posted and will be reflected in the Best Hospitals 2013 guidebook that is scheduled to arrive on newsstands in late August.

We apologize to the affected hospitals and to consumers who respect our work. We will be taking steps we believe necessary to address such errors in the future.

A PDF file that shows the original and corrected Nephrology rankings can be viewed and downloaded. If you need more information, feel free to contact me directly at acomarow@usnews.com. Detailed or technical questions, such as those related to programming, should be directed to our contractor, RTI International, at besthospitals@rti.org.