Will Sex Addict Treatment Save Tiger Woods's Marriage?

His wife, Elin Nordegren, reportedly visited him at a sex rehab facility to help with his treatment.

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Is sex rehab Tiger Woods's way back to a rehabilitated marriage and career? The pro golfer reportedly checked himself into such a clinic after a string of  women—I've lost count—stepped forward claiming to have slept with him over the years. The latest news reports suggest that his estranged wife, Elin Nordegren, visited him at a facility in Hattiesburg, Miss., to participate in his therapy sessions.

What I'm wondering, though, is whether getting a diagnosis of sex addiction is simply an easy out for those caught cheating. Sorry, honey, but I just can't control my impulsive behaviors! Surely, there must be ways to differentiate between a real sex addict and a plain old crummy cheater. Yes, says psychologist Eli Coleman, director of the human sexuality program at the University of Minnesota Medical School, though he hates the label "sex addict" and prefers to use the scientific term "hypersexual disorder." Very few of the unfaithful actually have this mental condition, he says, but any couple grappling with infidelity can certainly benefit from professional counseling.

Read my piece on sexual addiction posting today to find out how to tell when cheating is spurred by a pathological disorder. And answer the poll below.

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