New iPhone App Could Monitor Glucose Levels Remotely

Blood pressure monitoring tool also is in the works.

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Kids Health on the iPhone

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I just talked with Dimitri Sotis at WTOP Radio in Washington about how two new iIPhone apps may make it possible to monitor a child's blood glucose levels remotely and keep track of an aging parent's blood pressure from thousands of miles away. The applications also open the door to sharing personal health data with other people with the same condition. Imagine a group of 12-year-olds with type I diabetes comparing glucose levels throughout the day. If knowledge is power, this could be pretty darned powerful.

Healthcare systems have talked for decades about how remote health monitoring would make it simpler and less costly to track a person's vitals and report in to the doctor. These iPhone apps, and ones for other platforms that will be sure to follow if these work, may actually get us there.

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